Glamify Photo Booth Business Package
Glamify Photo Booth Business Package
Glamify Photo Booth Business Package
Glamify Photo Booth Business Package
Glamify Photo Booth Business Package
Glamify Photo Booth Business Package
Glamify Photo Booth Business Package

Glamify Photo Booth Business Package

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Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and coat painted with attractive fine texture durable powder. It's built by professional photographers for season photographers aiming to break through the photo booth industry. We are so sure, your guests will love the opportunity to capture the moment with this photo booth.


Photo booths equipped with super brilliant multi-colored LEDs to brighten up the event, attract your guests to the booth and no doubt becomes the focal point of the event.


With this photo booth, you are sure to stand out from your competitors, get noticed and everyone will want you at their special events. So, whether you are just starting out or looking to boost an existing photo booth business, this booth won't let you down. No better way to give yourself the power and flexibility that you so crave.


Your photos will come out looking pro and you will be looking clean and good with the photo booth SLR Camera and flash. We take quality very seriously, and we are proud to introduce this classic and model photo booth in the industry.

Built With Top-Quality Software And Technology

It's designed with pro-grade air-craft aluminum and painted with attractive fine texture and durable powder. Also, you will be thrilled by this tiptop photographic machine's highest quality photos. The wide range Tilt-able Head Unit enables this booth to give you all the flexibility that you need no matter the angle and to capture great photos.

We have thought of everything that you might possibly need when designing this brilliant model. What else do you need to have a running photo booth? An Intel Core i7 NUC mini PC, a 19” Touch Screen Monitor, 2 Internal Strobe Flash, a Canon Rebel T6 DSLR Camera, a Canon T6 Power Adapter Canon or Nikon Camera Hot Shoe (to connect the Strobe Flash to the camera), Printer (if you opt to offer printouts on events).


Photo Booth
○ Head Unit: 23" x 19.75" x 7"
○ Head Unit with Yolk: 26.5" x 23" x 7"
○ Head Unit with Bounce Card: 23" x 28.5" x 7"
○ Head Unit with Bounce Card and Yolk: 26.5" x 28.5" x 7"
○ Upper Leg: 19" x 7" x 3.5"
○ Screen Cut Out: 16.15" x 9" or 19" Across (Fits any 19" Touch Monitor)
○ Lower Leg: 19" x 7" x 3.5"
○ Base Plate: 24" x 18" x .25"
○ Overall Weight: 45 lbs.

Head Travel Road Case
○ External Dimension: 28.5" x 9.5" x 26"
○ Lid Depth: 14.20"
○ Base Depth: 11.50"
○ Interior Length: 27.75"
○ Interior Width: 8.75"
○ Interior Depth: 25.70"
○ Exterior Depth: 26.35"
○ Weight: 24 lbs.

Base Travel Road Case
○ External Dimension: 19.5" x 10.25" x 28"
○ Lip Depth: 6.75"
○ Base Depth: 20.35"
○ Interior Length: 18.25"
○ Interior Width: 9.5"
○ Interior Depth: 27.1"
○ Exterior Depth: 27.9"
○ Weight: 24 lbs.


○ Glamify Photo Booth Shell
○ Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
○ White/Black fine powder coat finish
○ Made in USA
○ LED Lights
○ Strobe Pole (optional)
○ 2 Boothify Internal Strobe Flash
○ 19" Touch Screen Monitor
○ Mini PC i5 (128SSD and 8GB RAM)
○ Canon T6 Rebel
○ 13" Touch Screen Back Minitor
○ Power Strip
○ DNP RX1HS Printer
○ Media Kit (2 Rolls of Thermal Paper with 2 Inks)

  • 1 Roll of Thermal Paper = 700 prints of 4x6 or 1400 prints of 2x6
○ DNP RX1HS Printer Case
○ Matching Attachable Printer Shelf
○ DNP RX1HS Aluminum Printer Cover
○ Glamify Travel Road Cases

○ DSLR Booth Photo Booth Software with:

  • Green Screen Capability
  • Social Media Capability
  • Video Capability
  • Data Collection
  • Survey Quiz Contest
  • Social Media Upload (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat)
  • Email, Drop Box and SMS Text Message Photo Upload Capability
  • Pre-loaded Photo Template Designs
  • Pre-loaded Custom Screen Designs
  • Signature Signing
  • Hashtag Printing
  • Slomotion Capability
  • Animated Gif

Additional Inclusion:

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

**Social Media Package and Business Package usually takes 1-2 weeks on process by the time payment received. If you want it URGENT, please contact us immediately.