Alienbees B400 Flash Unit

Alienbees B400 Flash Unit

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The AlienBees™ is powerful, fast, accurate and versatile, with easy-to-use analog controls. The AlienBees™ self-contained studio flash units are available in three output models and five bold colors.

Perfect For: Students, Hobbyists, Beginners and Beyond

Sync Cord Compatibility: All Paul C. Buff, Inc. flash units arrive with a 15′ sync cord for connecting to a camera’s PC sync terminal. Not all cameras are equipped with a PC sync terminal. If you plan on using this cable, and not wireless remotes, you may need a hot shoe adapter. Check your camera’s compatibility.


  • 6 f-stop power variability (5 Ws to 160 Ws)
  • Continuous slider adjustment from full to 1/32 power
  • Internal cooling fan for heavy-duty use
  • WYSIWYG modeling previews
  • Standard 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz power requirements


✅ 7 in. silver field reflector

✅ Protective shipping cover

✅ 150W modeling lamp

✅ Flashtube

✅ Down-Angle 15 ft. Power Cord

✅ Standard 15 ft. sync cord (1/8″ to PC)

✅ Light Stand Mounting Block

✅ AlienBees™ Product Manual

✅ 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

✅ 2-Year Factory Warranty