Bella Portable Photo Booth Business Package
Bella Portable Photo Booth Business Package
Bella Portable Photo Booth Business Package
Bella Portable Photo Booth Business Package
Bella Portable Photo Booth Business Package

Bella Portable Photo Booth Business Package

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Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and coat painted with attractive fine texture durable powder. It's built by professional photographers for season photographers aiming to break through the photo booth industry. We are so sure, your guests will love the opportunity to capture the moment with this photo booth.


This sleek, elegant and very lightweight all in one photo booth can easily be set up quickly and clean in a few minutes without much stress and your photo booth is up and running smoothly. Compact design fits in one rolling case and can easily be transported to and from the event center.


Photo booths equipped with super brilliant multi-colored LEDs to brighten up the event, attract your guests to the booth and no doubt becomes the focal point of the event.


With this photo booth, you are sure to stand out from your competitors, get noticed and everyone will want you at their special events. So, whether you are just starting out or looking to boost an existing photo booth business, this booth won't let you down. No better way to give yourself the power and flexibility that you so crave.


If you are looking for a way to add loads of entertainment to your party, or looking for timeless keepsakes from your wedding, birthdays or other events parties, this photo booth is perfect for you! A great option for providing photo entertainment for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations, product launches, corporate events and anything else you might imagine.


Your photos will come out looking pro and you will be looking clean and good with the photo booth SLR Camera and flash. We take quality very seriously, and we are proud to introduce this classic and model photo booth in the industry.

While the DJ takes care of the dance floor, there are those who aren't keen to dance and the photo booth takes care of all guests enliven your events. It adds some fun, creates an avenue of entertainment during reception and lets all guests go crazy inside the photo booth as they boogie down on the dance floor, hit the bar for refreshments. In fact, they will definitely end up staying longer and hopefully longer than expected to slip some extra cash into your hand.

Set Your Photobooth Business Apart and Keep You Above Competition

This photo booth full of the top of the line features not only brings the fun of the big top to your big event but is equipped with the latest technologies in the digital world to capture those unforgettable moments and generate great photos of your guests for keepsake.

Built With Top-Quality Software And Technology

It's designed with pro-grade air-craft aluminum and painted with attractive fine texture and durable powder. Also, you will be thrilled by this tiptop photographic machine's highest quality photos.

The wide range Tilt-able Head Unit enables this booth to give you all the flexibility that you need no matter the angle and to capture great photos.

Thanks to the portable and lightweight features! Setting up and disassembling this booth doesn't require more than one person. It's quicker and easier, in a few minutes and the party will be up and running without stress. Simply breaks down into 6 pieces to fit into a small car for light travel.

The mesmerizing built-in multi-colored LED's light brightens up the party, and everyone will be cramming before the photo booth. It will create a load of fun for your event. All your guests will be wowed even at night. It's a welcome addition to any event.


○ Head Unit: 17.25" x 15.75" x 7.25"
○ Head Unit with Bounce Card: 25.75" x 15.75" x 7.25"
Screen Cut Out: 10-3/8″ x 7-1/2″ or 12.3" Across (Fits Any Surface Pro)
○ Upper Leg: 20.75" x 5" x 3"
○ Lower Leg: 20.75" x 5" x 3"
○ Base Plate: 21" x 15" x .25"
○ Lightweight only @ 30 lbs

○ Interior Length: 29.00 in
○ Interior Width: 18.00 in
○ Interior Depth: 14.00 in

○ Lid Depth: 2.50 in
○ Base Depth: 11.50 in
○ Interior Length: 29.00 in
○ Interior Width: 18.00 in
○ Interior Depth: 14.00 in
○ Interior Cu. Volume: 4.23 cu ft

○ Exterior Length: 31.52 in
○ Exterior Width: 20.53 in
○ Exterior Depth: 15.70 in
○ Exterior Cu. Volume: 5.88 cu ft

○ Max. Temperature: 180.00° F
○ Min. Temperature: -69.00° F
○ Max. Buoyancy: 265.00 lb

○ Carton Length: 33.00 in
○ Carton Width: 16.00 in
○ Carton Depth: 21.00 in
○ Carton Cu. Volume: 6.42 cu ft

○ Product Weight: 24.00 lb
○ Shipping Weight: 27.30 lb


○ Made In The USA With Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum.
○ Camera Tilt Knob To Accommodate Guests Of All Sizes.
○ Breaks Down Into 4 Pieces For Easy Transport.
○ Bounce card for 2 internal flash.
○ You can also use external flash when removing the bounce card.
○ SKB Travel Cases with Foam Inserts Available.
○ Designed for Photographer and DJ.
○ Flash Mount On The Top for Wider Spread of Light.
○ Fits Most DSLR Cameras.
○ Fits Microsoft Surface Pro (versions 3,4,5,6 or 7) or Acer Alpha Switch 12.


○ Bounce Card
○ Top Head Unit
○ Main Top Upright
○ Main Bottom Upright
○ Flash Rod
○ 2 Internal Flash
○ Power Strip
○ 4 Port USB Hub
○ Canon T6 and AC Adapter
○ Surface Pro 5 Touchscreen Monitor
○ 13" Touch Monitor (Back Screen)
○ DSLR Booth Photo Booth Software
○ LED Strips
○ Bella SKB Travel Case with Foam Inserts
○ Cords and Accessories
○ DNP RX1HS Printer
○ Media Kit (2 Rolls of Thermal Paper with 2 Inks)

  • 1 Roll of Thermal Paper = 700 prints of 4x6 or 800 prints of 2x6

○ DNP RX1HS Printer Case
○ Matching Attachable Printer Stand
○ DNP RX1 Aluminum Cover
○ Studio Backdrop Kit

○ DSLR Booth Photo Booth Software with:

  • Green Screen Capability
  • Social Media Capability
  • Video Capability
  • Data Collection
  • Survey Quiz Contest
  • Social Media Upload (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat)
  • Email, Drop Box and SMS Text Message Photo Upload Capability
  • Pre-loaded Photo Template Designs
  • Pre-loaded Custom Screen Designs
  • Signature Signing
  • Hashtag Printing
  • Slomotion Capability
  • Animated Gif

○ Additional Inclusions:

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

** Social Media Package and Business Package usually takes 1-2 weeks on process by the time payment received. If you want it URGENT, please contact us immediately.