Green Black Reversible Sequin Photo Booth Backdrop

Green Black Reversible Sequin Photo Booth Backdrop

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When people remember a party or event they think about the good times they had and more importable the memories they made. This is why we designed our green black sequin backdrops to effortlessly raise the WOW and Fun factor of any event, party or special occasion for everyone.

The 5mm reversible green black sequins offer you more control over what you want to write or draw allowing you to add your own creative touch to your photo backdrops. The sequins flow seamlessly to bring you an endlessly versatile backdrop that is sure to get all your guests lining up for their turn.

It’s the perfect choice to add a fun touch to make Birthdays, Holiday Photos, Weddings, or Corporate Events truly worth remembering. 


More Features You’ll Love:

✅ It’s sturdy enough to handle daily use and long term storage

✅ We use heavy duty stitching to keep the sequins in place

✅ The sequins maintain their elegant charm and flow seamlessly even after heavy use

✅ Perfect for casuals and professionals that want to make their photos more special

✅ Uses a non-transparent white backing to prevent light from passing through

Lead time: 30 Days


What’s included?

 ✅ 8x8 ft Green Black Reversible Sequin Photo Booth Backdrop

What you will need:

 ✅ Booth Deals 8x10 Heavy Duty Adjustable Frame


Size: 8x8 ft
Total weight: 7.5 lbs